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The following products on this page are copyrighted designs.

Moose 3D has an agreement in place with various designers to 3D Print and sell their models in this shop.

Moose 3D is the registered owner and designer of all patents for the cat flap covers.

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We have gone greener...


We use only Plant-Based Materials

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Fundamentally additive, minimal wastage process


Via reforestation and renewable energy production.


Recycled Cardboard Packaging

Biodegradable packaging

100% Compostable Small Packaging

We have teamed up with Ecologi and contribute towards planting trees and funding world projects – see our progress here. We have also become a proud member of a local group called “Friends of Bartley Reservoir” based in Birmingham, a link to their website is here.

Our Customer Photos

This is a gallery to showcase images from our satisfied customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Moose 3D uses 3D printing software for its automatic uploading system that checks and prices up customer 3D models. The 3D design (or ‘3D file’ or ‘3D model’) can be uploaded to their website, viewed in 3D, checked for errors, quoted for printing in a range of materials, and ordered from them to be printed.

Unless stated differently during the checkout process, all costs will be billed and collected by Moose 3D.

Moose 3D does not offer file fixing services. Models that require fixing in excess of 10 minutes may require expert services for file fixing.

There may be technical or other reasons why Moose 3D cannot accept or must cancel your order during the entire ordering process, even after they accept your order. If they cancel your order, they will contact you via email.

Payment must be made in full prior to printing unless an order is confirmed via email as bulk in which case 50% payment can be made upfront and 50% upon completion. Payment must be made in full prior to delivery. Payment should be made through an invoice emailed out and should be paid by credit card or bank transfer. If agreed on payment after delivery the payment will have to be made within 30 days of the Invoice or Delivery date.

Lead times for the printing process start on the completion of payment and not from the time of the upload. Lead times are only estimates and NOT IN ANY WAY guaranteed. Infrequent and unpredictable factors like machine failure, power cuts and acts of God may cause orders to be delayed by several days. If large orders take significantly longer than expected, a partial refund may be given, but no full refunds are given. There are no lead time-related refunds for Economy orders.

After the acceptance and payment of the order, there can be no changes to the files or processes. If the file has not already been printed, any changes are free of charge.

If your order is unacceptable or has been cancelled by Moose 3D, they will contact you via email. Any functioning weapon or parts from weapons will not be printed. Any parts for weapons concealed or disguised as other parts in an attempt to bypass this rule will remain the responsibility of the person(s) who upload the files, and they will be held liable for any legal actions as a result of the printing. Any parts deemed to be of an extreme offensive nature will not be printed.

To obtain a quote for your 3D printing service, you must have a 3D file. While Moose 3D accepts many different 3D file formats, the file extension .stl is preferable. You can start by uploading the 3D file(s) to the instant quote tool on their website or send them the file(s) via email, either as an attachment or through the contact form on their website. Using the instant quote tool, you can select dimensions, and reduce or increase the size specifications for each part you wish to order. These include the quantity and material. If you have emailed the file to Moose 3D, they may ask for more information about the parts before selecting the printing specifications for you.

After sending your order, Moose 3D will send you an order confirmation to the email address with which you signed in or supplied with the upload. The order confirmation will be effective as of the date on which the order confirmation is sent to you. If they cannot accept your order, they will contact you by email. You should verify the details in the confirmation email. If there are errors, you should contact them as soon as possible by sending an email to: he***@mo*****.uk.

If you are on a deadline for your 3D printing order, it is strongly advised that you email Moose 3D before 3D print processing.

If you provide an incorrect shipping address, Moose 3D is not liable for any refunds. Please make sure to double-check the delivery address on any update notification emails you have received.

All packages are sent out in a protected box and by Royal Mail recorded delivery.

Yes, you can change your shipping address, and it will not affect the order of the 3D print queue.

You cannot cancel your order after it goes into production due to the nature of the service. Orders that contain non-refundable items are still cancellable, but the refund or cancellation will not apply to those items.

Moose 3D is not responsible for your design should it not work or not fit the designed purpose unless what they provide is substantially dimensionally different from what has been supplied to them in STL format.

Parts are guaranteed to have a minimum wall thickness of 2 mm. If the parts are thinner than 2 mm and break during delivery or cleaning, they will not be covered or reprinted for free.

Post-processing of 3D printed parts only includes “sanding” of parts. You will be responsible for priming and painting parts if required.

In certain circumstances, Moose 3D may use a 3rd party company to design custom orders or certain aspects of a job. They cannot be held responsible for any problems or longer lead times caused by using this 3rd party.

Moose 3D does not offer any warranty on any parts and does not insure against design in any way.

Yes, they offer trade discounts on bulk orders, but only to businesses, not individuals. The discount will depend on the parts required, quantity, and material type.

Since Moose 3D is a web-based service, it might be subject to temporary downtime. If the website is down, you should wait and try again later.

Moose 3D is the legal designer and owner of the M3d logo, which is a protected brand and registered trademark of Moose3d.co.uk. They also own the patent for plastic covers for 4-way manual locking cat flaps and microchip cat flaps (Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi versions).

By agreeing to use Moose 3D’s service, you agree that Moose 3D can show and distribute images of your files, but not including the 3D data itself, via any of its channels, including its website and social media channels. You do not need to provide written permission for Moose 3D to publish images of your models through any of its website pages, and you cannot request for pictures to be removed after order completion.

Moose 3D will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, exemplary, special, punitive, or consequential loss or damage of any kind arising from or relating to defective models. However, our maximum aggregate liability under these Terms and Conditions, whether in tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall in no circumstances exceed the fee received from you by Moose 3D for the relevant order.

We work with Royal Mail and offer prices based on the overall weight of the item being shipped. The costs involved in shipping are below:

Royal Mail Standard Delivery:
Royal Mail 1st Class
Royal Mail 2nd Class

Signed For Delivery
Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class
Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class

Royal Mail Tracked 24/48
Royal Mail Tracked 24
Royal Mail Tracked 48

Please note, purchasing any of these services does not prioritise your print job, this only applies to the delivery once the item has been printed.

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