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Cosplay Props

Designed by Andy Valentine

Cosplay props serve as the essence of character immersion, elevating costumes from mere attire to embodiments of fantasy. These meticulously crafted accessories, often brought to life through 3D printing technology, add a layer of authenticity and detail to cosplayers’ portrayals. From iconic weapons wielded by legendary heroes to intricate artifacts from distant realms, cosplay props capture the essence of beloved characters and narratives. Whether meticulously replicated or imaginatively reinterpreted, these props not only complete costumes but also transport enthusiasts into the realms of their favourite stories. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of cosplay props, where creativity knows no bounds, and every accessory tells a story.

Thank you Andy for allowing Moose 3D to list, 3d Print and Sell selected these awesome Cosplay accessories.

The Designer - Andy Valentine

All design files can be purchased on Andy’s Website: www.andyvalentine.co.uk

Moose 3D has been granted exclusive permission to list, 3d print and sell these parts and is subscribed to Andy’s Patreon with a commercial license.

The following 3D Printed Cosplay Props are all available to purchase through Moose 3D Store, all plastic parts are 3d printed in hard-wearing petg plastic. You will need to prime and paint these parts as this will arrive in plain plastic, usually black, white or grey. You will also need to assemble these props but guides will be included and the images on this site can be used as a reference guide.

You will need to supply any electronics or fixings needed to build these projects, though I think super glue or nail glue will work just fine with this plastic.

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Bloodthirst Dagger