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Instant Quote for On-Demand 3D Printing

Get an instant 3D printing quote by uploading your design files, select your plastic type, colour, and finish.  My new instant quote ordering platform is designed for convenience and stress-free ordering. 

Affordable 3D Printing

I offer high-quality 3d printing, with  a choice of materials, prototyping, product design, and custom-made parts. My fast and efficient service makes 3D printing accessible for everyone, with quick project delivery. 

Rapid Prototyping Services

I provide a professional 3D printing service tailored for rapid prototyping, typically delivering completed prints within just 1 working day.

Professional CAD Design Services

I use specialised software to design an object that can be customised to suit a wide range of applications. Once the design is finalised, the client can either have the file printed or have the file as a download.

1. Design
Customer supplied drawings
2. CAD
Professional CAD designers on hand with exceptional skills
3. Product
A fully functioning custom pond filter

Moose 3D Shop

Here you’ll find lots of 3d printed items, some useful, so unusual, so whether you’re into Sim Racing, Tabletop Gaming, or need something different niche then take a browse as there’s something for everyone.

Custom Covers
Designed for any cat flap
Made in PETG
Made in specialist plastic, a simple yet efficient design
No exit to cats!
Completely blocks the cat flap
This cover will keep out those cold draughts
Suitable for outdoor use
Due to the materials in PETG, this will last through all weathers.
This cover keeps the rain out and is dishwasher proof
Various Colours
Many colours available to choose from.
A Perfect Addition
Your cat won't know what's happened but at least you'll have peace of mind :)

Cat Escaping at Night? 3D Printed Cat Flap Covers printer to order

If you are struggling to keep your Houdini cat with opposable thumbs in a night, then this may just be just what you’re looking for

Designed, Tested and Patented by Moose3D, oh and loved by hundreds of cat owners on Planet Earth!

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